Setting the Record Straight

No matter what type of Labrador Retriever enthusiast you are, the proud owner of a new puppy, long time breeder, avid bird hunter, or a or just a casual observer, you have no doubt come across many of the claims made against the Silver Labrador Retriever.  These claims, and so often those who perpetuate them, tend to come across quite negative and accusatory, causing some to doubt the purity of the Silver Labrador, and question the motives of those who support them.  Many of the positions taken by those who would
oppose the Silver Labrador are based on the ideas and claims of a select, but very vocal, few.  Unfortunately, it is these base claims that have led the Labrador Retriever Club of America to reverse their initial position regarding the Silver Labrador to one that is quite contrary; not to mention the chorus of naysayers who post derogatory comments on Internet forums.  This site takes to task these base claims and offers a researched and coherent rebuttal to them, exposing serious inaccuracies, conjecture, and flat out lies.  As you are researching the Silver Labrador, you are encouraged to consider both sides of this debate, research the facts yourself, check sources, and then draw your own conclusion.  If you do that with an open mind, willing to consider all angles, there is little doubt that you will come to recognize that there is much more evidence to support that the gene that causes "Silver" Labrador Retrievers (d gene) is inherent to the breed, than there is evidence against it.   But don't take my word for it, give it a try, Just the Facts!